ZERO-ONE DESIGN specializes in providing creative products with a focus on industrial and product design, mechanisms design since its inception in 1978.

ZERO-ONE DESIGN has designed a wide range of products from medical equipment, industrial machinery and robot to household goods. Furthermore, we serve all production process, that is, research/planning/industrial design (product design)/mechanisms design/prototyping/mold making/mass production.

We can also provide brochure/product package/instruction manual as necessary.

We established our China branch in 2002, with a view to provide our customers with prototyping, mold making,  mass production and other services at reasonable prices.

Recently, we also offer new services to import existing products in China, after modifying the appearance and specifications for Japan. For this reason, we can provide with various affairs such as doing research, local negotiation  for OEM production with Chinese factories, management of modified designs, and PSE certification procedures.

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